Testing is like…

This post was inspired by a thread on The Club at Ministry of Testing. Join the best testing community on the internet at Ministry of Testing!

Testing is like searching for clues to solve a mystery. It’s almost like those old black and white detective movies where the hero is up against some dangerous foe. The foe may have somehow compromised the forces of good causing corruption their work.

We join our hero staying late at the office as they are running their last test…

Without any motion detected in the office area, the lights turn off automatically and I’m left in the glow of my laptop’s screen. I stare into the web page thinking it holds clues to despicable behaviors. If our customers saw them, they’d leave in droves. It was up to me. I had to find the culprit; he was known as Bugsy.

Previously, Bugsy hinted at his mischievousness on multiple pages causing spelling errors, massive misalignment of fields on small screens, and API errors. We found his accomplices, the demented NoCodeReview and the slothful CutNPaste, earlier today. The project team arrested them and sent them away for good. I sought they who ventured into the new API and tainted its reputation.

I reviewed the log for any hint that would unveil the darkness brought into our innocent API. The timestamps aligned with my test but the log message said only “Transaction Started”. Nothing else. What would cause the API to just stop?

I held my head in my hands above the keyboard. There had to be something else. What have I forgotten?

With a start, I straighten up in my chair. The sudden motion tripped the office lights on. I logged into the source control and reviewed the configuration file.

“You vile demon!”

In a moment, I realized Bugsy had teamed up with the captivating enchantress iForgot. The developer must have surrendered to her siren song as the project team worked quickly to deploy the API to a new environment. With incorrect credentials in the configuration file, the API just stopped.

I called the developer and explained my scenario. They logged on, sheepishly apologized, and updated the credentials. I sent iForgot up the river. Bugsy, unfortunately, may have slipped away. I wondered if we would meet again.


I walked towards the exit with my backpack and a knowing smile. We would be a better team because of this experience. Together, I thought, we will continue to fight and succeed against Bugsy. Through the door and into the night, I welcomed a Summer evening’s cool air on my face and victory in my heart.

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