YOU Can Improve Testing in Your Enterprise

Can a single blog post describe how to make a change in your enterprise?  Maybe! If you came this far, then I believe you can be the catalyst.

You know your organization needs a change.  It’s a nagging awareness that things could be better, or an annoying realization that other companies are doing it better, or dream-like world where testing is integral to the project, part of a team, part of a solution.

Am I the Only One Who Knows?
Perhaps you’re asking, “Is it just me that knows?  Do others know?”  Maybe – but think about the conversations at lunch, in the hallways, at happy hour – has anyone ever vented about testing?  Perhaps someone was subtly dismissed by another team member, or another felt they let a project down in not testing enough.  In all the venting, has anyone said, “It can be different”?

Maybe you can say it.  Maybe you have said it at happy hour.  It might have felt as if you just said y’all gonna climb Mt Everest.  Some look at their drink, some take a drink, and some review jukebox selections.  Then, everyone went back to work the next week.

You Were Right
When you said, “It can be different”, you were right.  You were also suggesting everyone climb Mt Everest.  Making a change in an enterprise is an uphill climb, requires a dedicated team, must demonstrate benefit, and must demonstrate repeatability by anyone.  So, you should start today.

Even the first step towards a lofty summit begins with some small action, some small preparation.  You know you want something different, but what does different really mean?  It might mean more respect for some, more time for testing for another.  That small action could be to identify what could be different.  Make a list and look for themes.

Your Opportunity
Does your list suggest better team dynamics?  More test planning?  Support for training?

Two questions:

  1. Can you prioritize the list based on value to your testing?
  2. Does anything on the list align with what your enterprise needs?

Where there is alignment of your list and enterprise needs, YOU have an opportunity.  That opportunity is to demonstrate value in testing as a benefit to your enterprise.

Your Next Step
Pick something on your list and describe what you could do to achieve it.  Let’s say you pick more training.  Training is a broad topic so you want to take a small step.  What might be a small first step?  Read a testing magazine (there are many), read a testing book (there are many), or watch a testing training video (there are a few).

Regardless of the small step you take, apply what you learn and share what you learn!  By applying a new skill, you demonstrate to yourself that change is possible.  By sharing what you learn, you begin to influence others.

The Beginning
Your small step is a beginning.  A beginning that could embody the change or changes that echo off your office cubicles.  Good change starts from within, and it continues with good people.  You will need help and should not be afraid to ask for it.  Often.  Change is possible – find those like-minded testers, find a business sponsor, collaborate on a purpose and principle, and propose a beneficial, sustainable, and exciting change in testing for your enterprise.

What will you do today to be that change?


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