20 Things to Improve Your Testing Career

Jump start your testing career by trying a few things on this list!  Then, try a few more!

  1. Experience all the BBST courses
  2. Help a student with Algebra (there are built in tests!)
  3. Learn a programming language
  4. Become familiar with the works of Weinberg, Kaner, Bach, and others
  5. Organize and maintain a testing forum where you work
  6. Attend a testing conference
  7. Engage an RST course near you
  8. Coach a Science Olympiad of FIRST Lego League team
  9. Participate in Weekend Testing
  10. Read to learn and to diversify your thinking
  11. Attend local testing meet ups regularly
  12. Publish an article on a testing topic
  13. Speak at a testing conference
  14. Plan and propose one change to improve the way you test at work (then, do it again)
  15. Find a hobby that requires some kind of testing
  16. How about those conversational, listening, and collaboration skills?
  17. Exchange new testing ideas with project managers, developers, stakeholders, and others
  18. Read blogs and start your own blog
  19. Create your own website
  20. Offer to design a low level test (also known as a unit test) for a developer
  21. Follow the testing community on Twitter
  22. Learn to be effective with a word processor and spreadsheet

What might you add to this list?


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